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How to get to Thana from the airport / train / bus stop?
When you know the date and way of arrival, please send us an email with your details and we will send a representative who will pick you up and bring you to our Hotel/Guest House.

Is it possible to start the trip on the day of arrival?
Yes it is possible. You`ll need to arrive in Chiang Mai by 08:00 but we do not recommended it.

Is there a place to store valuables or Luggage during the tour?

Yes, we have storage rooms at the Thana Hotel/Thana Guest house for the use of our guests free of charge.

Which type of vehicles will we drive during the tour?

A/C Isuzu Adventure Jeeps which have been adjusted to hold 7 passengers. In our Private tours you will get Toyota Fortuner jeeps and can also order a Van.

Are there baby seats in jeeps?

Yes, we have baby seats available. .Please let us know your requirements in advance.

How many passengers in the Jeep?

Every Jeep has up to 7 passengers, 6 + driver.

Can I order through you flights, tours and hotels in Thailand?

Yes, you can order through us all types of tour services all over Thailand!

What kind of food is served during the tour?
During the tour you will get 7 full meals.
The food is not kosher, but optimized for Israelis and Europeans.
Food is provided in buffet style  (eggs, rice, noodles, Chicken, French fries, salads, vegetables , tropical fruits, soups etc.).

What is the difference between a private tour and a group tour?
On a group tour you will be with other people together with you in the same jeep. Tours are fixed in advance and there are two options to choose from:
1) A 3 day / 2 night trip to the Golden Triangle.
2) A 3 day / 2 night to Pai area.
The tour to the Golden Triangle is generally both more popular and recommended!

On private tours you will be in the jeep separately, with your own private tour guide, have more flexibility in the schedule, enjoy upgraded hotels, have more choices and more...
Private tours are recommended for families, large groups who want their privacy, honeymooners.
Private tours can be reserved for lengths ranging from 1 day up to 5 days.

Is it better to book in advance?
Of course, travelers booking the jeeps tour get a free collection service from the airport of Chiang Mai : minivan travelers collecting preference will be given to travelers who have booked a trip and accommodation in advance (or trip + transfer to the hotel in the city center) and let us know in advance when they arrived Chiang Mai.

Travelers who not book ahead or not updated us about the time of arrival to Chiang Mai will be able to get a ride up to the availability in the minivan Spontaneous travelers who didn't booked in advance can be join to the group if any empty places at the same date.

If will be not empty places, the travelers who not book ahead will have to wait for the next trip on the next day (if it will have empty places).

We commit ourselves that the tour will go out on the requested date only for travelers coordinated with us and book ahead

In any case, travel costs for travelers, whether uniform pre-purchased and dose who not. Pre-order helps us to organize in advance the arrival of visitors and allows us to give you the best possible service with us.
When you order: jeeps tour for 3 days 2 nights, day trips, hotel accommodation or guesthouse, Thana will send you e - mail confirmation contains a list of equipment for a walk so you get ready+ our phone numbers (if necessary) and payment for your Reservation will be made on arrival to us in Chiang Mai.
When you order the private tours we charge a 20% advance (for book the hotels in the tour) and balance of payment shall be arranged on arrival to us in Chiang Mai
There is no discount for 2 travelers or 10 travelers Prices of tours and attractions are consistent prices, no matter of the group size


Thailand  - General Information

Is Thailand a difficult country to travel around?
Not at all. Thailand is a very safe country, accommodation and food are cheap, transport between destinations in Thailand is easy and many people speak at least some English.

What is the typical weather in Thailand?

Hot, all day all the year.
Hottest months are April .- June, November thru March are cooler. The cool season is more pronounced in northern Thailand, whereas the weather in the South can be changeable almost all year round.
The rainy season is from July to October, but travel during this period is still fine and can even add to the experience of the trip by providing a welcome break in the heat (especially in the North).

What do you eat in Thailand?

Thai food is one of the highlights of visiting Thailand for many people. Restaurants are everywhere, and average meal prices in Thai restaurants are around 30-40 baht up to 80-150 baht in the more touristy places.
For the less adventurous, there is an extensive range of international food available with numerous McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Israeli restaurants, Chabad houses, etc. ...

What is the quality and availability of medicine and health care in Thailand?

Medical treatment is quite good in the main cities (Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Phuket etc).
Pharmacies are widespread, but take care when using them. Many drugs that require a prescription elsewhere in the world can be provided here over the counter, and they aren't necessarily kept in the best condition - check the expiry date and try to buy from air conditioned pharmacies (the medicine is better maintained in a cool place).

What are the basic do's and don'ts?
- Do not underestimate the King or Royal Family. This can get you in serious trouble.
- Dress appropriately when visiting temples.
- Before heading to the Thai temple, a house or a shop you should take off your shoes.
- Negotiate in good taste and not just annoy them if you do not intend to buy.
- Drugs in Thailand is strictly prohibited! You really do not want to see the inside of a Thai prison ..
- Riding a motorcycle without a helmet - safety and the Thai police.
- Don’t make fun of Lady Boys', they can suddenly become men and it will hurt you ..

What happens in case of overstay in the country?
If there is an exception of one day, chances are that you will not be charged. 
For more than 1 day overstay the fine is 500 baht per day,  two days = a fine of 1,000 baht, 3 days = 1500 baht etc ... 
The fine is up to a maximum of 30,000 B (about U.S. $ 1000).

What time of year is best to go?
It really depends on your personal preference , all parts of the year have relative advantages and disadvantages but one can visit and travel in Thailand all through the year! The climate is best between November and March because at this time it is not as hot as the rest of the year. April, May and June can be very hot. July till October is the rainy season, but September and October are much rainier than July and August. There are significant variations in the weather in different parts of Thailand. November to March is high tourist season meaning that the flights and accommodation are more expensive. Popular places are likely to be fully booked. Peak period are: Christmas, New Year and Thai New Year (mid of April).

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