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Thailand's system of selling plane tickets is  very simple Passengers who book flights sooner will  be able to enjoy  cheap prices while passengers who booked the 90 minute flight tickets paid for the most expensive prices and actually pay for any discounts  received  early by  travelers who  booked   in advance

Therefore, please order in advance so you can enjoy discounted rates Revisional book flights through us, the websites of online airlines, airline offices are located in airports and in major cities and the various agencies all over Thailand

Thailand has five airlines and: Thai Air, Bangkok Air, Air Asia, Nok Air and 12GO


Thai Airways Company is the national airline of Thailand and is considered one of the world's best airlines in terms of level of service, quality food, a means of entertainment (movies and newspapers) and amenities such as headphones, blankets, pillows, etc. Thai Airways traveling to many destinations around the world and most of Thailand
Website: www.thaiair.com


Bangkok Airways Company won a boutique airline of Asia. Aircraft are excellent, good service also includes a full meal short flights Bangkok company also offers Air-conditioned airport lounge where you can pass your time in comfort until the time of flight This lounge is a destination all travelers (not just the passengers who fly first class or business class) and you can enjoy food and soft drinks, magazines, computer stations and free Internet The airport of Samui Island (KohSamui), a small airport and Good Company is owned by Bangkok Airways The airport have  a colorful cars transporting the passengers from the plane to the terminal.
Website: www.bangkokair.com


Air Asia is an independent Internet company Book ahead if the Air Asia website independently several months in advance enjoy the most discounted prices

Despite the tough conditions of the card is the Air Asia like no discount for children, food and drink fee (although you can resist short flights takes about two hours) specific airplane seat reservation is possible for additional charge (totally unnecessary and unimportant detail in short flights), closing the check there 45 minutes before scheduled departure time, etc. Air Asia is a good friend and equally good Thai or Bangkok Air Air

Air Asia is an independent airline discounted flights method that works ..
The company offers cheap airfares ordering well in advance when the order is placed through the company's Web site

Before ordering an online booking website of Air Asia you  should know: When you go to make ticket reservations By air Asia you  should think carefully and accurately assess and if you have a large suitcase (in addition to a shoulder bag or backpack weighing up to 7 pounds that can bring with you on the plane), please make sure that the markings on the order you want to send a suitcase hold of the plane, the cost for the site is around 100 baht (about 3 $) Briefcase If no prior declaration (when booking online) that you have a suitcase that you want to send a hold of the plane you will be charged 200 baht (about 6 $) for each bag of 15 kg

Usually allow 15 kg per passenger (not including hand luggage weighing up to 7 kg) and exceeded the baggage allowance is 90 baht per kilo Travelers booking well in advance, even after you send will be charged for a suitcase hold of the plane about 3 additional $ price will still be significantly cheaper airfare prices of other airlines
Website: www.airasia.com

Nok Air and 1-2-GO

Domestic flights in two of these companies is through the old Sda"t called Don Muang Bangkok.
Relatively cheap airlines, who work too LOW COST method.

Additional tips:

- Internal flights should be at least an hour before the flight Bsda"t
- 3 hours on international flights
- When you go to order a flight of interior after an international flight landing to take into account customary confidence interval of 3 hours after landing

* You can order our flights to all destinations, for help and advice please send a message with the details:
Number of travelers, names just like passports, Gilaye children - if any (preferably with a date of birth), the starting point and destination, excessive hours and date.

Have a nice flight!


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